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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By utilising applications supplied by FluxGames, including Heroes of Gielinor (the Discord, Website and Game), you hereby acknowledge the following:


You understand that we use cookies to improve user experience and interactions with the website and game which can be altered according to your preference at any time in the account section on the website.

Staff Authorisation

You understand staff members including Managers, Developers, Administrators, Moderators and Supports have the authority to access logs associated with your account when launching cases and investigations, and the ability to impose restrictions on your account corresponding to the issue at hand.

Content Disclaimer

FluxGames is not responsible for anything posted on our Discord and Website that is not implemented by management and staff members. Action is still initiated against those who post damaging content, and we assist in the process, but we are not responsible material such as pornographic material, third-party material and promotions of drug-use, alcohol, etc.

Reporting Members

You understand you remain anonymous when reporting other players in the community. You also understand any false or misleading information submitted in your reports may lead to a permanent ban for tainting another players reputation. You also acknowledge images and videos submitted cannot be cropped as we want to see the entirety for judgement purposes.


You understand any donations made to Heroes of Gielinor are non-negotiable, and you acknowledge and follow the Refund Policy on purchased items.


You understand breaking Community Rules may lead your account into various forms of punishment including in-game restrictions, mutes, bans and account resets.

By using Heroes of Gielinor, you hereby accept these terms when coordinating, registering and utilising our website, discord and game. You understand that because FluxGames is associated with US and Netherlands that that both the Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce act (ESGICA) and Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council laws are in effect within this community and failure to follow these rules will result in a permanent removal from the community.