Heroes of Gielinor

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Odysseus is no ordinary cat. He is the mighty companion of Robert the Strong, famous for their legendary conflicts against the Dragonkin. Though Odysseus died in battle, he alongside Robert the Strong, and other companions, have been offered life. In return, they must fight for the warring kingdoms.

Sir Tiffy Cashien

Tiffy played a role in the War of 164, defending Falador from the Kinshra. He presumably aided in the defence of the city from Lord Sulla, then-Lord of the Kinshra, and his forces during the Siege of Falador, which ended in undecisive Faladian victory.

After many years of his service to the White Knights, and graduating Squires to Initiates and Proselytes, Sir Tiffy finds his way into the Kingdoms to prepare for yet another battle. The battle of his life.


Merlin, the Round Table Mage

Accepted as an ally by the Knights of the Round table, Merlin was once the most powerful wizard in Gielinor. But the constant clashing with King Arthur’s half-sister, Morg Le Faye, Merlin’s power has dissolved tremendously.

Though weak, Merlin’s sets to prove himself in the battle of the Kingdoms to reignite his power once more.



Vannaka excelled in combat and Slayer. He is a devout Saradominist, highly regarded by Saradomin himself, and previously served in Saradomin’s army of warriors. He trained under Duradel, a powerful Slayer Master, who was once the best among them all, before being surpassed by his daughter, Kuradal, and later, also by Kuradal’s elven student, Morvran. Vannaka once challenged his former mentor to a duel to determine the best Slayer Master, and fought bravely but was eventually defeated at his hands; following the shame from this incident, he engaged in self-imposed exile. He became a Combat Instructor on Tutorial Island, a former school for adventurers, until year 169 of the Fifth Age. Since then, he has served as a mid-level Slayer Master, based in Edgeville Dungeon.

Wise Old Man

Known for his heroic feats as a youth, and infamous for his Draynor Bank Robbery, the Wise Old Man steps onto the battlefield hoping to spark once again.