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Report a

Help catch players scamming the community. Submit a ticket including images, videos and any other relevant information (player username, time stamp, action, etc). Any player found scamming will receive a ban while items are resituated to their rightful owners.

This includes text and audio channels. Any misogynistic, racist, spiteful, disrepectful behaviour to other community members can result in a 12 – 72 hour ban. Repeat offenders may receive long term bans (3 months). 

Launch an investigation on a player by reporting malicious behaviour. Auto-clicking is classified as macroing. Players who are investigated and found guilty will receive a 12-72 hour ban and may have restrictions on their account for the same period.

Zero Tolerance. Any one found making threats about pain infliction, ddosing, self-harm and death will be permenantly banned from the game. If the player is found making offences on multiple accounts, they will be restricted from the game entirely.

Suspicious link or email? Submit a ticket including the link / image of the link and we will notify our community members.

Our Discord has a Report Hotline where active staff members may report to your report query quicker than usual. You can access our discord from the navigation at the top of the page.



Whether it is technical, billing, account or general advice, submit a ticket! As long as they don’t fall through the cracks, we will get back to you as soon as we can.