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Report a Bug

Report a

Use the Bug Report section in Discord to post your bugs. Explain how the bug occurred, and present any media possible. We will prioritise the bug in the next update unless the bug is gamebreaking.

Should a bug be gamebreaking or economy breaking, simply navigate to the Report Hotline and look for a staff member to take a report. We will disable the feature until it is fixed.

If you lost an item to a bug, please submit a ticket so we can investigate the issue. Investigations last about 12-72 hours, in which we return your items. Evidence of the issue can speed up the process dramatically.

If this ever happens, reach out to an online staff member through the Discord channel Report Hotline, and they will teleport you to a spawn point.

Submit media of the people abusing the bug and we will issue bans and restrictions, as well as investigate the bug.

Loading issues? Visit our installation guide to avoid any further issues. If you’re still having trouble, submit a ticket.



Whether it is technical, billing, account or general advice, submit a ticket! As long as they don’t fall through the cracks, we will get back to you as soon as we can.