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Our Discord handles everything more efficiently than a forum would. It’s definitely more interactive, easier to access and there is no sign-up needed.


To connect your Discord account with your HoG account, simply add your Discord Tag to the appropriate field in your account settings.

The launcher was built for players who want to receive their news, updates and hero release experiences in their client rather than refer to the website or discord.


It includes in-game offers, development blogs, discussion updates and more.

It’s recommended, but not a necessity. Securing your account allows access to further support. Unless you secure your account, the support we can offer you if it gets compromised, or any issue really, is limited.

Simply right-click the profile and select remove.

Heroes of Gielinor is completely flexible. There are many open-world features just like a normal RSPS. If you’re having trouble starting out, here is an introduction guide.



Whether it is technical, billing, account or general advice, submit a ticket! As long as they don’t fall through the cracks, we will get back to you as soon as we can.