Heroes of Gielinor

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Account Recovery


Note: We understand account compromisation is very stressful.

We ask that you be patient with our process and we will work with you every step of the way to receive your account back.

Don’t panic, we’re here to help. The best thing to do is is visit the Report Hotline on our Discord so we can help you immediately. If items are stolen, we will help you secure your account first and then launch an investigation. When the investigation is open, you can submit any evidence you feel necessary to catching the culprit.


Use Discord, Report Hotline. If no active staff, submit ticket.


We help you instantly secure your account after asking recovery / account questions.


We launch an investigation and return any lost belongings (takes up to 2 weeks in some cases).

You can log into your account online and add extra layers of security, like 2FA authentication and associate in-game bank pins with your account pin.


Adding an e-mail is essential for securing your account, so be first to check that off the list.

If your e-mail was connected to the account, we will simply send you a password request reset. If you’ve forgotten your username, simply submit a ticket with the e-mail connected to the account.

Not to worry! Interact with any Banker or Bank Chest to remove your bank pin. To verify, you will need to use your 2FA and it will take 3 days to take effect.

If this is the case, the account will be restricted for the first 3 days. In this time, we will assist you with changing / removing the 2FA, but you will also be monitored for any suspicious activity.


Restrictions include no item dropping (use bank incinerator), no trading and no PK loot (you and opponent safe, indicated by gold skull).



Whether it is technical, billing, account or general advice, submit a ticket! As long as they don’t fall through the cracks, we will get back to you as soon as we can.