Heroes of Gielinor

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Game and Community Rules

Game & Community Rules

By utilising applications supplied by FluxGames, including Heroes of Gielinor (the Discord, Website and Game), you hereby acknowledge the following:

No Scamming

Any player found scamming will receive a ban while items are resituated to their rightful owners. These bans can escalate to a permanent ban after multiple occassions.

Extreme Behaviour

Any misogynistic, racist, spiteful, disrepectful and inappropriate behaviour (including content) to other community members can result in a 12 – 72 hour ban. Repeat offenders may receive long term bans (3 months).

No Macros / Bots

Players accused of alleged use of bots, macros or third party scripts, will have case ticket opened. Players who are found guilty will receive a 12-72 hour ban and may have restrictions on their account for the same period. This includes auto-clicking.

No Threats

Zero Tolerance. Any one found making threats about pain infliction, ddosing, self-harm and death will be permenantly banned from the game. If the player is found making offences on multiple accounts, they will be restricted from the game entirely.

Phishing Links

If you suspect a link or e-mail is a phish, you can submit a support ticket including the e-mail, link or attachment. Our community members will be notified on all social platforms.

Community Griefing

Includes spamming, advertising, influencing polls, impersonating staff or encouraging others to break the rules.

Reporting Members

Our featured ‘Report Hotline’ can be found on Discord and can be used for quicker replies when active. Alternatively, you may submit a report ticket and one of our staff members will investigate it.

No Fake Evidence

Submitting any fake evidence results in a permanent ban from all platforms.

To avoid any punishments, be sure to follow these rules on all of our platforms. Our community is important to us, so we want to make sure everyone playing Heroes of Gielinor is safe and happy.