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Refund Policy

Refund Policies

By donating to and purchasing from Heroes of Gielinor, you hereby acknowledge the following:

Token Refund Policy

You may submit a refund ticket within 14 days of purchasing tokens. By submitting a refund, you acknowledge that the amount your refunding will correlate to the amount of tokens removed from your account. A refund cannot be issued if:

a. the account does not have the sufficient tokens to remove.

b. if you have traded them to another account

c. if you cannot provide a transaction id

Chargeback Policy

If a chargeback is initiated, your account could be permanently banned from all social platforms and in-game. We have a structured refund system that is quite lenient and fair. Those caught charging money back through means of misleading third-party will have a case opened, tracking down any items that may have been traded and/or offloaded to other accounts. Accounts associated may also receive permanent bans (situation based).

In-game Refund Policy

Purchased the wrong item? Not to worry. Players are offered the freedom of five refund tickets. This means if you accidentally purchase the wrong item, or you’re not quite feeling the item you bought, you may refund through the store interface. Should you use all five tokens, you can submit a refund ticket and we will be able to help you in most cases. Refunds are reset per year, restoring all five refund points.

Lost Items Policy

If you’ve lost items due to a glitch/bug or due to management influences (e.g. server restart), simply submit a ticket with any form of media you may have. Please make sure your media is not cropped, displaying even the window frame of the game. If you feel you don’t have sufficient evidence, write down the time and date it happened, as well as list your timezone so we can investigate through the server logs to see if we can help you.

By using Heroes of Gielinor, you hereby accept these terms when associated to items and purchases. You understand that because FluxGames is associated with US and Netherlands that that both the Electronic Signatures in Global and International Commerce act (ESGICA) and Directive 1999/93/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council laws are in effect within this community and failure to follow these policies will result in a permanent removal from the community.