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Heroes of Gielinor

The Future of RSPS

Hello! We’re FluxGames, a small RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) development team that’s passionate about creating unique RuneScape emulations with never-seen content.

Throughout the history of RSPS, servers were renown for their quick experience rates, re-enactments of runescape environments and features, and known for their ‘cool’ customisations, widening the demographic to those that RuneScape was unavailable to.

This could be due to jobs getting in the way, responsibilities, even the possibility of falling out of the game due to life situations. All boiling down to time, progression and incentives.

Their popularity exceeded expectation in the early 2000-2013, but soon after lost a large percentage of the community. What happened? Why was there a massive declination from 2014-2022?

TWO REASONS. Hear us out.

We feel every RSPS offers the same things. Yes, there are different ways of approach that have been implemented to have it’s unique musk, but it still feels the same. Unless you’re offering a multi-revisional server with heavy incentives that other servers don’t, you fall into what’s called ‘market noise’.

It’s expected. After all, RSPS is a gateway into programming and many young programmers who look up to specific servers want to integrate the same methods they’ve seen for success. They want that feeling of accomplishment and look for it through player count, mimicking the only thing they know.

The assumption that demographic players want content as micro-transactions, bosses, minigames, etc. is exaggerated as the features exist on all servers and offer nothing new to players who could rebuild the RSPS community.

Therefore, with nothing to look forward to, users are driven away from RSPS. Inevitably, it becomes unhealthy to not explore the vast creativeness we know RSPS for.

THIS is the SECOND reason.

MOBAs (Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas) took the gaming world by storm. Granted Dota and Dota2 existed when RuneScape was in it’s prime back in 2007, but in 2009 something changed.

When League of Legends was released in 2009, a large majority of RuneScape players moved over due to the removal of the wilderness, and soon the upcoming EOC rework.

The game was quick, engaging, fun and very rewarding without the integration of microtransactions. Players could purchase champions to play, skins to style their champion, alternate their playstyle with runes, masteries and various champion roles.

You could embody the essence of the champion you chose, however you wanted to. It felt just like RPGs where you could equip new armours, only you’re changing looks, colours and effects. Some even made champions feel like an entirely new champion graphically, while distinguished by the same playstyle and abilities mechanically.

It quickly became the world’s fastest growing MOBA, triumphing competition and rising the ranks enough to even have its own E-Sports space. And again, E-Sports was nothing before League of Legends.

This is where we got Creative.

After searching the any type of overlapping correlation between MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) and MOBAs, we have strategised ideas and formulates plans to create a cross-breed RSPS and inject something new into the community.

Thus, HEROES OF GIELINOR was born.

We understand a lot of developers within the community are hesitant on producing anything new. Most lack the confidence of taking that first step as it’s so early in their development journey (and not so for others).

Heroes of Gielinor is an outlook where the quick, fast-paced and rewarding incentive that MOBAs provide can be integrated into MMORPG aspects. What if you could still be the adventurer you longed for in RuneScape, as well as partake in the fast-paced action using RuneScape’s Legendary Heroes.

A gameplay model where you can do the things you want, when you want, without unnecessary grinds that feel greatly rewarding. A collection of game modes that delve into deeper gameplay.

This widens the demographic of players who can play the game as it caters to multiple Genres. On top of the MMORPG & MOBA envelopments, Heroes of Gielinor will feature an entire Battle-Royale system where players can choose Heroes and fight in an all-out free-for-all.

Introduction Experience

When players first join, they are required to create an account. This process is done inside the client to help maintain the experience they’re having. They can choose to further secure their account by checking the ‘Secure Account’ button.

As players log in, they’ll receive a quick prompt from the Gielinor Guide notifying they can go to him for help, then leaves the player to venture their first steps into the world. Here is a prototype made in Figma. It may take a little while to load, but you can just press ‘r’ to restart the prototype. It just takes you through the login / registration process and shows how the client will work on startup.

For a better experience, view in fullscreen or select prototype and hit ‘f’.

Skilling and Trading

Now unlike other servers, the first odd thing players may notice is that your totally maxed out in skills. You’re able to equip, utilise and interact with everything the world offers. But you start with no items, and must grind your way through upgrades as per usual. The skilling sidebar screen is still offered to help guide players and levels are shown and affected by boosts and debuffs.

The trading system has been complimented with a trust system. The more you trade with someone, the more you’re able to trade. If you’re found scamming through our report system, your trust level falls indicating to others that you’re not trusted. All other trades go through the Grand Exchange to minimise scamming and other misutilisations.

Quests, Achievements and Minigames

Quests, Achievements and Minigames are available through their usual manner. Combat Achievements have two separate lists for Open World (MMO) and Kingdom Siege(MOBA & BR), both rewarding for various types of activities.

The Minigame System includes things like Raids, Fight Caves, Inferno, Barbarian assault, Pest Control and more, but is like no other minigame system. We’re introducing a ‘Challenge’ system where you can vs people at specific minigames. For instance, if you challenged a friend to Pest Control, it would be to see who could close the game fastest. Or if it was Barbarian Assault, who could progress through the waves with the least damage?

Parameters are set by both players, similar to the old Duel Arena system, in which players can restrict certain item usages, attack styles, etc. Players can also stake up to 2,500,000 gold against others to make things more exciting.

Gameplay for Kingdom Siege

This process was adapted from other MOBAs, finding the relative feature cross-overs and integrating them for an seamless, intuitive interactions.

We’ve developed the idea to have three pillars hosting Challenge Scrolls much like in the Champions’ Guild. These scrolls queue up the player for solo queue matches. Alternatively, players may create lobbies and invite people on their friends list. The lobby captain then initiates the queue.

There are three queues you can join.

  1. Normal Queue – Jump in with any hero you’d like to play. Other team can also pick the same hero, no pick order, normal rewards. 6v6.
  2. Ranked Queue – Team can decide on three bans each team. Heroes locked in cannot be picked. Pick order. Ranked Rewards system featuring an ELO system and ranks ranging from Sapphire to Dragonstone. More available in near future.
  3. Battle Queue – Pick a Hero to fight in a free-for-all Battle Royale, finding items in chests, defeating other players and being the Last Man Standing. Up to 25 players.

Economy, Rewards and Transactions.

A stable economy is one of the most crucial parts of RSPS development. Creating the right strategy to incorporate the multi-genre network is indeed challenging, but here is how we are going to tackle it.

To start with, there are two main currencies. We will be swapping Gold Coins with Gold Tokens, which can be used at Luthias’ Reward Bazaar, and Platinum Tokens which can be purchased through the online store.

Luthias’ Reward Store is located directly in front of the three queues. Luthias teaches players about the Kingdom Siege and Battle Royale, as well as offers a wide variety of items players can use to take on their journey. This varies between rune sets, dragon items, fremennik helmets, to more advanced items such as dragon boots, granite mauls and abyssal whips.

He also offers a Platinum Token Store, which consists of Hero Chromas, Skins, Icons, Emotes and more. Other uses for Platinum Token will include things along the lines of skipping the Godwar killcount, or bypassing the locked barrow doors freely using a Strange Lockpick and increasing your cannonball yield.

Ranked Rewards will be available. Should players reach thresholds of ranked achievements, they will be subject to receiving Ranked Rewards such as Hero Skins, Item Skins, Special GFX Skins, and Icons. Team Ranked Rewards are also available, but not yet developed.

Heroes available on Release

So after all this, you’re probably wondering which Gielinor Heroes will be featured. Here’s a list.

  • Achietties
  • Aivas
  • Arianwyn
  • Arthur
  • Azzanadra
  • Brundt the Chief
  • Camorra
  • Drezel
  • Duradel
  • Garkor
  • Gypsy Aris Maye
  • Karam
  • King Narnode Shareen
  • Merlin
  • Odysseus
  • Oneiromancer
  • Robert the Strong
  • Sir Tiffy
  • Tristan
  • Vannaka
  • Veliaf Hurtz
  • Verac the Defiled
  • Wise Old Man
  • Zanik
  • Zooknock

You can find out more about these heroes, their traits, abilities and history, in the Heroes Section.

Closing Statement

We hope by creating Heroes of Gielinor that it inspires RSPS developers to think outside the Mystery Box. Bring innovation and creativity back to RSPS and create content that truly incapsulates what RuneScape could be.

By revealing our processes of design thinking and development integration, RSPS developers can now look up towards a refined process that works with creativity. That allows them to create ideas and implement it with a much lower failure rate.

We will walk you through how we develop our ideas, what impact certain content should have and how we implement it alongside a feedback system.

If you would like to support Heroes of Gielinor, we look forward to speaking with you in our Discord server.

Heroes of Gielinor is still growing, and the community is an important part of the development. Become a member of the community by following our social channels, joining our Discord, or signing up for our official newsletter.

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